Anupama is a Hindi Indian TV drama that was originally released by Star Plus a famous Indian entertainment TV channel and also digital streaming on Disney+ Hotstar. This serial came out in October 2020 and still running with many amazing twists in the story of those serials. This serial was directed by Romesh Kalra and its producers are Deepa Shahi and Rajan Shahi.


The story of the Hindi TV serial till today’s episode is about a mature married woman “Anupama” who faced all the challenges in living within a society. She was a very nice lady and tried her best to maintain everything She had three kids and her husband Vanraj Shah was a very cheap person who didn’t care about her loyalty and after all those things he had a secret affair with another woman her name was Kavya Gandhi. Her kids were Paritosh, Pakhi, and Karan. Pakhi and Paritosh met with Kavya and came very close to her after that Anupama came out that her husband had an affair with her neighbor woman Kavya. Her youngest son Samar lives with her and he falls for a girl Nandini who was the nephew of Kavya. What will happen next? Do they meet with each other and express their feeling? For that stay connected with us.



Anupama is an Indian TV drama that was released by Star Plus and also streaming on Disney+ Hotstar you can watch this online in the warld everywhere on this website Dramagyan. This serial became very famous in a very short period of time because of its unique story and all the social issues discussed in this serial about a middle-aged woman had to face in society. This serial was published in 2020 and still continuing with its story. The director of this serial was Romesh Kalra and its producers are Deepa Shahi and Rajan Shahi.