Chookar Mere Mann Ko Serial Cast, Upcoming Story, Twist, Spoilers, News and Crew

Chookar Mere Mann Ko  Plot story:

A popular Indian TV show, Chookar Mere Mann Ko, first appeared on the main channel, DD, in the country. This show’s unique story idea got a lot of people interested. This show talked about many problems that women in India have to deal with. Famous Indian director Rahul Butt made this TV show.

Chookar Mere Mann Ko Realse Date:

In September 2023, this series was released.

Chookar Mere Mann Ko With Real Names (Actors and Actresses) And Main Role:

The actors in the show did a really good job and made the audience like them. Many Indian actors and actresses from the drama industry are in this show. Samiksha Singh, who is famous for her acting, played the role of Pari in this TV show. In this show, Roshni Sharma and Kristi Singh played the roles of Tiya and Alvira. Many other famous actors from the drama industry are also part of this TV show.

Chookar Mere Mann Ko Written Updates With Full Storyline:

Three girls from the village decided to go to Mumbai to find work and live in a better place. The story of the Chookar Mere Mann Ko is taht Tiya, Pari, and Alvira are the three girls we are talking about. They all came from middle-class families and worked really hard. They left their homes to follow their dreams and started renting houses. The old couple owned that house. After their only son died in a car crash, they had to live together by themselves. These three girls care for the children as if they were their own daughters.

They finally found the perfect job after a few days. Pari got a media job because she wanted to be a journalist. Tiya got a job at a computer company. In that city, Alvira became an officer. A few days after that, a man who wanted to build a mall visited the house of an old couple. The businessman offered a lot of money to buy the couple’s house because it was located in the middle of the city. The seller felt offended when the old couple refused his offer.

A few days later, he started trying to force the old couple to sell their house, so he sent some bad people to scare them at their home. The old couple decided to sell their home because they were worried about it. After telling Pari, they asked her for help because they had a lot of memories of their son living there. Pari asked the businessman nicely about something, but he didn’t answer. So, she went to court about it. She hired Siddharth, who is a lawyer, for that.

Siddharth, who was a respected lawyer, agreed to help the old couple because he was trusted. Siddharth appearance in this TV show made more people like it. They had a hard time for many months but in the end, they won the case. Pari and Siddharth decided to get married because they love each other. In the next episode, you will see that Dhara went to Raavi’s house to ask for her hand in marriage. But she got upset and left when her mother asked for a lot of things.

Chookar Mere Mann Ko Future Story:

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