Chookar Mere Mann Ko

A popular Indian TV show called Chookar Mere Mann Ko first appeared on the DD Indian National channel. This show aims to share important messages about society with everyone. Rahul Butt made this series. The actors in this TV show did a great job and the audience liked them.


Tiya, Alvira, and Pari are three girls from the countryside, and their stories are in the Chookar Mere Mann Ko series. These girls wanted to go to Mumbai to have a better life and find a job. That’s why they went there and lived with an old couple who had lost their son in a car crash. A business person wanted to buy the land where the couple’s house was and build a new building there.


He told them to sell the house, but they didn’t want to because they had lots of memories of their son there. Pari took the issue to court and won. Visit our website Dramagyan frequently to watch every episode for free.