Anupama Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Latest News and Written Update

Anupama Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses) And Leading Role:

This serial includes various Indian drama stars like “Rupali Ganguly” who played the main leading role of Anupanma in this serial and many other stars like “Shudhanshu Pandey” as Viran Shah. Madalsa Sharma as Kavya Shah and others like “Gaurav Khana” as Anuj.

 Anupama Plot story:

Anupama is a middle-aged married woman who had to face many difficulties in living within society because of her family matters. She was a very kind lady and loved her family very much but her husband “Vanraj Shah” was a selfish person who had a relationship with another woman that he hid from her wife.

Anupama Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The other woman was Kavya Gandhi, who was actually her neighbor’s wife she lost her husband in an accident and due to her low character, she had an affair with another man. There were three kids of “Anupama Samar, Pakhi, and Paritosh. She loves her husband and family very much and always takes care of them.

She revealed the affair in front of the whole family and after that, she just left that house and went away. When she came to know about her husband’s affair she got divorced from him and went to the other city with her youngest son Samar and started a new life there. She opened an academy and a small store but another woman Kavya Gandhi wanted her revenge For that she took many steps to make her business dull and useless and she succeeded in this mission Anupama lost all of her investment in that business and now she had to do some thing for the money.

She met a man named Aditya who was a very kind man and fell for the Anupama. After some months both of them got married to each other but soon she realized that he was also not a good person and she left him and went away. Her son Samar fell for a girl Nandini in college and wanted to marry her and for that, they talked with Anupama but they went to the house of Nandinithey and came to know that Nandini is the nephew of Kavya. Anupamaa then never allowed her son to marry that girl who has a relationship with Kavya and the same matter with “Nandini and Kavya”.

Anupama Future Story:

For that stay connected with us and watch all of your favorite serials on Dramagyan. What will happen next? Does Kavya Gandhi give the hand of her nephew to the Anupama’s son?