Yeh Hai Chahatien Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, News and Plot

 Yeh Hai Chahatein Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses) And Leading Role:

This serial includes many famous Indian drama Industry stars like “Sargun Kaur Luthra” who plays the main lead role of “Dr. Preesha” “Abrar Qazi” who plays the male leading role of Rudra, “Shagun Sharma” as Kashu, and “Pravisht Mishra” as “Arjun Bakwas” and many others.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Realse Date:

The story of this serial The show premiered on 19 December 2019. with the life of a lady “Doctor Preesha” who was a very kind-hearted and noble lady.

 Yeh Hai Chahatein Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of this serial (Yeh Hai Chahatein) “Doctor Preesha” takes care of her nephew “Saransh” because her sister died in an accident. Saransh is a child and the only owner of all the property that’s why many people want to take him because they want all the wealth. “Rudraksh AKA Rudra” was a rockstar and also the uncle of Saransh. He wanted to protect him at any cost for that he decided to marry “Dr.Preesha” to take care of both of them.

They perform the acting of a happy couple to motivate the child in that case they fall in love with each other and express their feeling to each other. After some time, the mother of Saransh came out from a car accident and wanted all the wealth. Rudra and Preesha wanted to save Saransh for they went to Goa where Rudra and Preesha had some trouble with each other and got separated from each other.

After 5 years, Rudra and Preesha reunited with each other and then married again. Saransh grew up and started to live his own life according to his will and he decided to live with his grandfather. That’s why Preesha and Rudra leave him at the “Tripathy” family move to the new city and start their own life away from others. Preesha got a new job in the Hospital and Rudra also became very famous after releasing his song album and very things looks perfect.

After some time Preesha got pregnant. Rudra became a famous rockstar moved to “New Delhi” and forgot about the family. After Nine Months, Preesha gave birth to a baby and gave her the name of Natasha. Preesha lives with her friend with her daughter. One day coming back from the hospital she was stuck in an accident and lost her memory and Rudra kept searching for her. After a few months, he finally found her and took her home. He tried his best to memorize all the things.

Yeh Hai Chahatein Latest News:

For that stay connected with us and enjoy all of your favorite episodes here Dramagyan What will happen next? Do Preesha’s memories come back?