Katha Ankahee Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist Story, News and Spoilers

Katha Ankahee Serial cast:

This serial includes various Indian stars like “Aditi Sharma” who plays the main female role of “Katha Singh” and “Adnan Khan” who plays the role of the male character “Viaan Raghuvanshi” and many other bright stars of the Indian drama industry are present in this serial.

Katha Ankahee plot story:

The story of this serial begins with a single mother her name was Katha Singh. Who lost her husband in a car accident and her son was suffering from the last stage of blood cancer.

katha ankahee is a Hindi Desi Serial. telecast on Sony Tv.

Katha Ankahee storyline:

All the difficulties and challenges she faced in living in a society are discussed below.The story of “Katha Ankahee” serial begins with a single mother. Her son’s condition getting worse day by day and she needs money immediately for the treatment of her son. She worked in the office of Viaan Raghuvanshi, who was a famous businessman but in his childhood, his father left them because of some other woman.

That’s why they didn’t believe any woman. When Katha went to him for the week of money to do treatment for her son. He refused and asked her that if she wanted money then she must have to spend a night with him. She had no other choice so she decided to spend a night with his boss but this was just a trick. He gave her money and followed her to find out what she do with this money.

When he saw the canceled hospital and her son he blamed himself and after that, he became humble to her. As the operation became successful her son got recovered. She came to her boss and Thankx for what he did for them and he also apologized for his behavior and both of them fell for each other. Viaan proposed to Katha at a party and she first refused but after some days, she accepted the proposal and was ready to marry Viaan.

The family of Viaan didn’t love her very much as she belonged to a middle-class family and also had a son. She tried her best to impress his family and won the hearts of the family but failed in this. She had to face a lot of difficulties in living in that house. Viaan was a psycho and toucher her wife and did not believe her.

To watch all the new episodes stay connected to us on our website Dramagyan. Katha met with her friend Karan and Viaan took it misleading and murdered Karan. After that, he went to jail and Katha moved on and left the house. After 8 months, Viaan came out of jail and kept searching for Katha. What will happen next? Does Viaan reach Katha?