Imlie Serial Cast, Upcoming Twist, Story, Spoilers, and Latest News

Imlie Serial Cast With Real Names (Actors and Actresses):

This serial includes various bright stars of the Indian drama industry. The main female lead of Imlie was played by “Sumbul Touqeer” “Gashmeer Mahajani” played the role of “Aditiya AKA Adi” who was a leading male character of this story. “Mayuri Deshmukh” played the role of Malini, who was the fiance of Aditiya, and many other stars like “Fahmaan Khan” as Aryan, “Megha Chakraborty” as Imlie Atharva, and others.

Imlie And Realse Date:

Imlie is an Indian Hindi-language television drama series that premiered on 16 November 2020 on Star Plus. The story of this serial begins with the introduction to the life of a young girl whose name was Imlie lives in the village of Pagdandia.

Imlie Written Updates With Full Storyline:

The story of this serial begins with the introduction to the life of a young girl. According to the rules of that village, if a woman spent a night with a man then they had to marry at any cost otherwise they kill both of them. Aditya who was a journalist came to that village to learn about the culture of that village. At late night due to heavy rain “Imlie” provides Adi shelter and villagers take it wrong and force them to marry each other.

Aditya got married to Imlie to save his life. Then they came to the city and Adi introduced Imlie as their new maid to his family as Aditiya was already engaged with Malini. Adi revealed the truth of his marriage with Imlie on the day before his marriage with Malini. After that Malini changed her identity and went to the village of Imlie and know about her that she was her Half-sister and the father of the Malini is also the father of the Imlie.

AS Imlie got pregnant and gave birth to a baby girl and after that, all of them Malini, Adi, and Imlie died in a boom attack.After 18 years, the daughter of Imlie and Aryan whose name was also Imlie grew up and Cheeni who was the daughter of “Malini and Adi” also grew up and they both fell in love with “Athavrva Rana” but Atharva fell for Cheeni, The family of Atharva met with Imlie and was very impressed with her and ask for the hand of Imlie for their child Atharva and they got married by force and in this way their story begins.

Imlie Upcoming Story Twist:

For that stay connected with us and watch all of your favorite serials here on our website Dramagyan. After some years, their daughter Imlie grew up and she worked as a bar dancer to earn money for her sister. What will happen next? Does Imlie get to know about her family?